American Metal Roofs (AMR) of Michigan LogoIce Dams Cause
Leaks & Damage
To Your Home

American Metal Roofs (AMR) of Michigan LogoIce Dams Cause Leaks & Damage To Your Home

So Keep It Dry This Winter With Solutions From American Metal Roofs


Destructive ice dams will tear gutters and shingles right off your house, cause water to back up into your attic, or even lead to mold and mildew. Don’t wait until it is too late. Contact us to learn more about our three ice solutions:

  • Heated Shingle
  • Heated Shingle Ice Dam Cutter
  • Ice Removal Services

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Heated Shingle - American Metal Roofs

Proven Solutions For Protecting Your Home

Heated Shingle

Heated Shingle protects your home from damaging ice dams by melting snow and ice BEFORE they build up. Designed to go over metal and asphalt shingles, it attaches to the eave edge and tucks under the shingle at the top, so there are no roof penetrations. It is an energy-saving, maintenance-free, automatic operation that is 99% efficient.

Ice Dam Cutter

Heated Shingle Ice Dam Cutters are made from high grade aluminum and patented self-regulating heating elements. The heating element runs in your gutter, eliminating the need for a separate gutter cable, and turns on automatically at 35 degrees Fahrenheit and turns off when the temperature reaches 45 degrees. It regulates heat output to maximize melting yet conserve energy.

ice removal in action

Ice Removal Services

Utilizing a 290 degree jet of steam, our quick and gentle Arctic Steamer machine can remove most roof ice dams in a matter of minutes. The Arctic Steamer produces super-heated steam under low pressure to rapidly melt damaging ice and snow and safely remove it from your roof and gutters.