Roof Failure

All roofs are not created equal and all manufacturer roofing warranties are not created equal either. In fact, as the quality of asphalt roofing material has declined over the years, manufactures have reduced the quality of their warranties as well. extended-warranty Many roofing manufacturer warranties are filled with language and loopholes that truly do limit the value of the warranty. They provide protection all right, but not protection for the consumer.  They are written to protect the manufacturer. The sad part is that these warranties are marketed aggressively to trusting consumers and positioned as assurances that their products will stand the test of time and will protect a buyer's investment in home improvement. The salespeople use these warranties to assure prospective roof buyers that the manufacturer will stand behind their products. Over the last few years, the combination of inferior asphalt roofing and weak warranties, have given rise to unprecedented claims and class action litigation against roofing manufacturers - visit for media reports and information about these lawsuits. In this three-part series, I will present to you a case where customer perception and expectations are shattered when their roof fails prematurely and the manufacturer uses their “fine print” to weasel out of taking care of their responsibility to their customer.