Heated Shingle Ice Dam Cutters: A Must for Michigan Roofs

Ice Dam Cutter

If you live in Michigan, you know how brutal winter weather can be. Snow and ice accumulation on your roof can lead to serious damage. The formation of destructive ice dams can actually rip shingles from your roof and detach gutters. Worse yet, when ice slowly melts, water can back up and leak into your attic, ceilings and walls.  Everyone knows how horrific water damage can be, including the growth of hazardous black mold.

Ice Dam Cutter

Fortunately, Michigan homeowners have a simple solution. By installing a Heated Shingle Ice Dam Cutter this fall, you will have the peace of mind all winter.  Ice Dam Cutters melt vertical channels through the snow and ice that builds up along the eave edges of the roof. This results in the water drains efficiently. Ice dams are prevented before they form.

The self-regulating technology is “ice” cutting edge. Heating elements turn on when temperatures fall below 35 degrees and turn off when the temps move back over 45 degrees.  This technology maximizes melting, while conserving energy.

Made from high-grade aluminum, Heated Shingle Ice Dam Cutters use no separate gutter cables and are usable on all roof types.

Check out this short video:  Heated Ice Dam Cutter  Video    

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