Why You Should Choose Metal Roofing over Conventional Asphalt Shingles in West Bloomfield, Macomb, and Surrounding Michigan Areas

RoofingIf your home in West Bloomfield, Macomb, or another surrounding Michigan city needs new roofing, it may be tempting to choose the affordable route and have an asphalt shingle roof installed. The truth is, nowadays, asphalt shingle roofs last about 10 years on average, no matter what the guarantee or warranty may tell you. This is because, to cut costs, roofing manufacturers have been decreasing the amount of oil content in their roof products and replacing it with fillers. This diminishes the roof’s performance, making it more susceptible to damage.

The better option is to have metal roofing installed, and there’s no better company to turn to in West Bloomfield and Macomb than American Metal Roofs. We’ve been installing metal roofing since 2000, and we hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a designation we received due to our commitment to our customers and to providing outstanding service.

There are many benefits to choosing metal roofing over conventional asphalt shingles, including:

  • Better durability – A metal roof is the last roof you’ll ever need, as these roofs can last for 100 years or more. They are also low maintenance, so worrying about roofing repairs or constant upkeep will be a thing of the past.
  • Better energy efficiency – Our metal roofs are coated in a Hi-R Kynar paint, which has a solar reflectance rate as high as 46 percent. This means less heat will penetrate into your home through your roof, helping your residence remain at an optimal temperature level in the summertime.
  • Better weather protection – Metal roofing can handle heavy snowfalls much more easily; the snow will simply slide off the roof and onto the ground. This eliminates the need for you to climb on top of your roof to shovel the snow off, which can be a major safety hazard.

Interested in learning more about metal roofing? Contact American Metal Roofs and we’ll further explain why our roofs are the better option over asphalt shingle roofs. We’ll also be pleased to schedule your complimentary consultation at your home in the West Bloomfield or Macomb area.