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Metal Roofing Installation in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and across the Lower Peninsula

Certified Metal Roof Installation

American Metal Roofs does not use contractors. We employ and train a dedicated team of 35 full-time installers with extensive training in metal roofing installation. While other companies are looking to cut costs by outsourcing to untrained installers, we provide jobs and training so we can guarantee our high standard of operation and enjoy better team morale and performancee.

American Metal Roofs President, Frank Farmer believes in employing a dedicated metal roofing installation team:

“I know many of our competitors do not have the costs we have that are associated with employees, such as workman’s compensation insurance, health insurance, vacation pay, and a full host of benefits. By providing benefits, we have attracted the best talent to insure a quality installation.”

As a customer, you benefit from having your own skilled team. Our average 5-man installation crew has a combined 30 years of roofing experience, with 15 years’ experience specifically installing metal roofs for American Metal Roofs. Additionally, our average team has over 3000 hours’ worth of training – enabling them to do a custom roof installation on-site. Read our unsolicited testimonials to see dozens of references to the quality of our team’s work.

By hiring installers as full-time employees and not subcontractors, we can provide you with a quality roof capable of living up to our exclusive 3-part warranty. Other roofing companies that use contract labor for metal roofing installation cannot guarantee their work as we do. Ann Arbor, Michigan, residents and residents all over the state know that there is only one place to call for their roofing needs: the expert team at American Metal Roofs.

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