Country Manor Shake
American Metal Roofs Installs Roof Shakes for Homeowners in Bloomfield, West Bloomfield & Other Michigan Cities

Roof ShakesRoof shakes are a beautiful and popular roofing option for many homeowners in Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, and surrounding Michigan cities. Hand-split wood shake roofs bring a charming accent to homes, adding significant curb appeal and value. But they can also come with many downsides, including the potential for insect infestation, mold or mildew growth, and fire. At American Metal Roofs, though, our roof shakes are crafted from aluminum, which means all of the aforementioned downsides are eliminated.

We install Country Manor Shake roofs, a durable option that will make your home in Bloomfield or West Bloomfield the envy of the neighborhood. Our metal roof shakes:

  • Protect against flying embers from wildfires or chimneys by having a fireproof construction
  • Are proven not to crack, rust, or rot, even with prolonged exposure to the elements
  • Come finished in a Hi-R Kynar paint that has a solar reflectance rate as high as 46 percent, which means your new roof will be especially energy efficient
  • Form a weather-tight seal by locking together on all sides, ensuring your home has maximum protection from snow, rain, and wind
  • Feature unique, nail-clip fasteners that allow for natural expansion and contraction, meaning your new roof will last for decades longer than other comparable roofing options
  • And more

Country Manor Shake Aluminum Metal Shingle RoofOur roof shakes are installed by our experienced craftsmen, who have been trained using our custom program, which draws upon many years of experience in the industry. Our team of installers will be respectful of your home, leaving a clean jobsite at completion.

What’s more, many of our best-selling roofing products come backed by our impressive three-point guarantee: a 100 percent Non-Prorated Material Guarantee, a 100 percent Non-Prorated Workmanship Guarantee, and a signed Value Guarantee that states you won’t find a better value roof for your money.

To learn more about our roof shakes for homeowners in Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, and nearby Michigan communities, contact American Metal Roofs today.

Country Manor Shake Aluminum Shingles Are Available In A Variety Of Colors